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Zaawia Introduction

Hi. We’re Zaawia
A – Perception

ZAAWIA is a company focused on elevating the local industrial content and compete with it globally by investing in ventures and startup corporations.

Passion leads to design,
design leads to performance,
performance leads to success!

Primarily we alleged to start this as a community, however, in this new epoch of technology where the whole shebang can be accessed through the internet, we decided to register this firm as an Internet Company/Digital Agency, where the effort is on elevating the local business content and strive with it globally. Though Zaawia is been working since 2017 and have a strong portfolio and partnered with multiple businesses, however, we are launching our digital presence in the year 2021.

The plan was to initiate the website in the year 2020 but unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we have faced a lot either in human resource and other workforce-related issues.


Underneath this umbrella, we have separate ventures running but this project aims mostly on how to boost up the high-tech apprehensions and change the perspective towards the technology through different digital means.

Phase – 1

The first phase at “Zaawia Enterprises” will be offering services like Web Hosting, Email-Services, App/Web Development, Visual/Brand Identity, UI/UX Design, Logo Design, Deployment, Maintenance, SEO, VPN’s and many others. And among these services, Zaawia views your business in a light never imagined before.

Phase – 2

The second phase of Zaawia will be a one-stop blog spot where you’ll find plenty of tech-related blogs, free course details, latest trending news. Along with blogs we will be working on mostly how-to tutorials specially for newbies.

Phase – 3

The third phase will be moving towards our production programs where we will be introducing our open-source software program which is already in progress and we hope that we will achieve this target by the end of 2022

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”Winston Churchill”

Phase – 4

Finally, last but not least we will be offering our E-Commerce certification program where people all around the world can join in initially without paying any fees and can access the learning portal.


All the folks, newbies, and professionals are invited to show their endorsement/engagement by liking our page @ www.facebook.com/zaawiaofficial and if you are considering services which we mentioned earlier above, don’t forget to contact us @ hello@zaawia.com


We are happy to serve you in the upcoming future.



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ZAAWIA is a company focused on elevating the local industrial content and compete with it globally by investing in ventures and startup corporations.

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