February 10, 2021 Zaawia

Zaawia’s Client Portal

Zaawia has launched the client area portal for all of its previous clients and in the near future where they can easily manage their account.

You can easily register to Zaawia’s client portal by simply visiting https://my.zaawia.com/register.php.

Existing clients can log in by visiting https://my.zaawia.com/index.php/login.

The list of task you can manage through this portal are listed below:


  • Manage multiple domains or services through one simple account.
  • Manage invoices and bills.
  • Pay invoices, service, and hosting charges online using PayPal.
  • Get New-Addons
  • Create multiple contact lists, business or technical.
  • View server details and quotas that are assigned.
  • Change your account password.
  • Access to Cpanel and other shortcuts.
  • And Much more.

Customers can also use the contact form in case they want to know about more private portfolios or upcoming products.

You can also open the ticket in your client area where our support team will contact you depends upon the priority of the ticket.

The Network status of a server will show you the health and uptime of the server.

Furthermore, the client will also have access to the FAQ and tutorials where a non-technical person can find videos related to using the client area or to solve common related issues.

If you have any other queries or looking for help please contact us at hello@zaawia.com. or support@zaawia.com



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