Mekyal Financial Technologies Company

We aim to set up Mekyal Financial Technologies Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the leading equity-based crowdfunding platforms.
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Mekyal Fintech Company

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    Mekyal Fintech Company

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    Web Development, Graphic Design, Content Creation


About Mekyal

Mekyal Financial Technologies was founded by a group of experts who provide cutting edge fintech and crowdfunding services، that targets the aspiring startups and creative projects to enable them to reach the right investment opportunity, accompanied by professionals’ consultations, to prosper and turn objectives into achievements.

The Task (Revamped Web)

Concluded the ages fintech business has attained its main players and grown at dizzying paces. We came and presented our part as we’ve improved and revamped their Mekyal website to flourish each phase of the system.

Old Website


Mekyal is a fintech solutions company that paves paths for aspiring projects, it enables businesses to enjoy innovative financial technology services. We as Zaawia took the challenge and revamped their existing platform and chaperoned them to mature the content and create a website that demands visuals, services steps, and shows proficiencies.

Mekyal’s landmark was to shape a creative website that imitates its sphere, so we started by steering a range of research to review the effectiveness of the existing brand. Prepared with that knowledge, we fine-tuned the existing design with a minimal design tactic, as well as created pleasing illustrative icons and animation that recapitulate Mekyal’s core and concept uplifting the brand in every way.

Mekyal has appeared with a stronger identity, clearer content, and a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

The Result

By the time Zaawia was done with Mekyal’s portal, the site was completely revamped both from the user’s and Administrator’s perspectives. Mekyal platform was transformed into a bug-free, optimized website that is a dream of every fintech company.

New Website

Hesham AbouJamee


Zaawia team has consistently exceeded our expectations. It felt as if we were working with an onshore team. They could understand our needs and keep us engaged throughout the entire process which has resulted in an exceptional product and a valued partner.

Hesham AbouJamee

Mekyal - CEO