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Effective and reliable protection for your health
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Green Enternal Life

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    Green Eternal Life

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About Green Eternal Life

It was founded with one goal—to improve people’s lives by delivering the most authentic nourishment possible. At GEL Organics we partner with a team of Nutritionists and Doctors to not only produce the highest quality supplements but also to identify which fresh whole foods are the best to deliver vitamins and minerals while ensuring the freshness of the foods we start with is delivered in every product we make.

The Customer

Green Eternal Life is an Effective and reliable protection for your health.


Green Eternal Life recently upgraded their web store from Magento to WooCommece. The upgrade did not complete correctly due to which several of their web store’s core features including the Add To Cart and Check-out functions stopped working. Being primarily an online retailer, this had a major impact on their sales and revenues. The company was looking for a reliable and certified partner who could help resolve the issues within the shortest possible time and get their web store back online.

Our Solution & Result

After conducting an in-depth analysis of GEL’s storefront, the Zaawia team set about resolving the issues identified, which included a number of other errors (identified in the diagnostic tests the team had run) in addition to the ones the client had mentioned. The issues and errors resolved by Zaawia included:

– Broken Add To Cart workflow including:
– Add To Cart Update Cart Empty Cart Apply Discount Code Calculate Shipping & Tax AND Store Currency Change functionality
– Broken Indexing
– SSL configuration
– All of the above mentioned errors were resolved within 24hours.

Finally GEL has been able to double its monthly sales revenue, while reducing their sales support staff (from a team of 5 to 2). The company’s customer base has also expanded considerably with new customers signing up on the web-store.

Dr Bilal


We were extraordinarily pleased with the functionality and depth of understanding that Zaawia’s solution exhibited after a relatively brief but incisive, project kickoff meeting. Zaawia “gets it” from the start, relieving us from tedious development discussions drawn out over a long period of time.

Dr Bilal

M.D - Green Eternal Life